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Genius You Too (E)

Genius You Too (E)

డా. బి.వి.పట్టాభిరామ్

Dr. BV Pattabhi Ram

రూ. 100

Publisher:  Emesco Books Pvt. Ltd

You must aim to be the victor, not the vanquished. Notice the difference in the way the victor and the vanquished think. The victor says: “I shall definitely achieve my cherished goal.” The one who is vanquished says even before the contest has begun: “It is impossible to achieve my cherished goal.” The victor draws up a plan and implements it to achieve the goal. Before the contest the vanquished draws up a plan but waits for fortune to bless him. When the victor thinks, “I can work wonders if I work hard”, the vanquished thinks, “My stars are not good. So, whatever I do is mere waste.”

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TitleGenius You Too (E)
Writerడా. బి.వి.పట్టాభిరామ్
CategoryEnglish Books
Book IdEBD011
Pages 152
Release Date08-Jan-2004

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