Do but do not Die

Do but do not Die

క్రిషాంక్ మన్నె

Krishank Manne

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written by:- Krishank Manne

With expectation, depression, frustration we still stand to fight with all courage and confidence.

All we have to remember is

to fight but not to die.

‘No Suicides, Only Struggle’.

Osmania University Joint Action committee was formed with different organisations on one point agenda ‘To Achieve Telangana State’.

The Arts college of Osmania University has once again been the epicentre of the agitation. People have become one but the politicians still prefer to be separate.

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TitleDo but do not Die
Writerక్రిషాంక్ మన్నె
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Pages 160
Release Date12-Jan-2012

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